Elektronisk handelsformat (EHF)

EHF is the standard format for electronic invoices and credit notes for the public sector of Norway. It is based on the XML format UBL 2.1 and on business processes or profiles defined by the European wide CEN/BII workshop. Documents in EHF format meet the requirements of the Norwegian Accounting Act. The EHF standard is maintained by DIFI, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment in Norway. Since the IBX Connect platform is an official PEPPOL AccessPoint. EHF business documents can be exchanged via the PEPPOL infrastructure as well as via the standard IBX Connect interfaces: via HTTPs and FTPs/SFTP with or without SOAP envelope.

Document types and validation

The norwegian EHF standard includes the document types Invoice, CreditNote and Reminder as well as Catalogue and Order, OrderResponse and DespatchAdvice following the standard UBL 2.1 XML schema (XSD) and the PEPPOL BIS specifications plus additional requirements specified by the Norwegian Accounting Legislation. Currently supported by the IBX Connect platform are Invoice, CreditNote, Reminder, Catalogue, Order, OrderResponse and DespatchAdvice. More details can be downloaded from DIFI's official homepage via the link below.
EHF documents can be validated online using the DIFI's EHF XML Validator .

From April 1, 2019 the use of the new EHF Billing 3.0/PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 is mandatory within the public Sector of Norway.

See New date for mandatory EHF Billing 3.0

Official EHF resources:

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