IBX Connect - Integration process

The process of integrating customer's ERP, eProcurement or Finance & Accounting systems with the IBX Business Network is usually handled in form of scheduled integration projects with predefined scope and time frame. With help from experienced integration consultants the interfaces are first configured in a test environment where connectivity and certain scenarios reflecting different business processes and error cases are tested.

Integration planning

The first questions to be answered when planning an integration are about the document types that shall be exchanged and in more detail the formats and protocols to be used. This online documentation shall provide the information about the capabilities that IBX Connect offers. IBX Connect aims to support the main industry standard formats and protocols for B2B integration. IBX Connect - Supplier Integration lists all document types with the formats that are currently in scope. The more detailed the information you can find here the less time an integration will take. Please ask your IBX Sales contact for integration lead times for a particular document type and format.

Integration Self Service

Traditionally B2B integration projects - depending on the capabilities of the involved partners - require development, custom transformations between different data formats and intensive testing. This website is giving insight into the integration capabilities of the IBX Business Network but shall also enable customers for self service and self testing. Read format specifications, download XML schema files and use the IBX Connect XML Validator for online validation of your XML messages to prepare for an integration towards IBX!
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