The OIOUBL Format

In cooperation with a wide range of public and private stakeholders, the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency has drawn up a customised Danish version of the international e-business standard UBL 2.0. The Danish version is known as OIOUBL. It uses the same schemas as UBL 2.0. OIOUBL is the recommended standard for exchanging electronic catalogues, orders and invoices with the public sector.

Document types and validation

The Danish subset of UBL 2.0 includes 15 document types, e.g. Catalogue, Order, Invoice, CreditNote, Reminder and ApplicationResponse. Currently supported by the IBX Connect platform are Invoice and CreditNote. Documentation, XSD's, XSLT stylesheets and XML examples can be downloaded from the official OIOUBL homepage via the link below.
OIOUBL invoice and CreditNote documents can also be validated online using the IBX XML Validator.