IBX OXTA OAGIS 7.2.1 Acknowledgement Purchase Order

IBX customers using an ORACLE based eProcurement solution are connected to the IBX Network via e.g. an XML Gateway middleware using the OXTA protocol for exchange of business documents. Via IBX Supplier Order Management or direct integration suppliers respond to purchase orders with orderresponse messages where they accept or reject the orders. For a buyer with an Oracle backend IBX Connect optionally transforms these business documents into the OXTA OAGIS "Acknowledgement Purchase Order" format version 7.2.1.

IBX OXTA OAGIS 7.2.1 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

OrderResponses in OXTA-OAGIS format are sent via HTTPs/POST as URL-encoded messages containing an XML payload together with certain control parameters as key/value pairs. Below the XML schema definition can be found as well as an example Purchase Order Acknowledgement in different views because the actually submitted message is not really readable.