IBX Connect - Standard protocols for integration

IBX trading partner integrations are based on industry standard internet protocols. Which protocol in particular is used may differ depending on the type and format of data/messages to be exchanged. The default protocols for sending business documents such as purchase orders and invoices via IBX Connect are HTTPs, SOAP and MIME. For catalogues though it is HTTPs upload via IBX Content Workbench or SFTP/FTPs (for very large catalogues). For the majority of al document types and formats it is possible to upload and receive data from IBX Connect via SFTP/FTPs, SMTP (email) is supported as outbound format for the main document types while orders can even be submitted via the X400 protocol.


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) - the preferred protocol to exchange XML business documents between trading partners and the IBX Platform.


A SOAP envelope is used to transport routing information together with the business documents in a structured XML message. The IBX standard is a SOAP 1.2 envelope, but also the BTF envelope (SOAP 1.1) is supported.


IBX Connect supports MIME version 1.0 to transport binary files (attachments) together with structured business documents (SOAP-XML messages) over the internet.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - the standard protocol to upload large catalogue files to the IBX Content Workbench, also available for uploading of all standard document types wrapped into SOAP envelopes as well as for polling of orders, changeorders, orderresponses, invoices and creditnotes with or without SOAP envelope.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) - the standard protocol to send purchase orders in PDF format via email to suppliers. SMTP is currently also supported as outbound channel for orders, changeorders, orderresponses and invoices in xCBL format as well as for orders in CSV and EDI format.

  • IBX Connect - SMTP protocol


X400 (also called as "Telebox400" or "BusinessMail X.400") - a Message Handling System (MHS) for exchange of primarily EDI messages.

  • IBX Connect - X400


FAX is the least recommended method to transfer business documents but might be the only way for suppliers to receive legally valid purchase orders in certain regions.

  • IBX Connect - FAX