IBX Connect - Supply network collaboration

In the Procure-to-Pay scenario the supplier offers goods and services via catalogues or on request, receives purchase orders and replies with order responses, shipment notices and invoices. Interoperability between data formats and transport protocols is the key when these business documents shall be exchanged seamlessly from end to end.

IBX Buyer Integration

IBX Connect is flexible when it comes to the eProcurement solution the customer is using to send purchase orders to and receive orderresponses, invoices etc. from suppliers. IBX customers having SAP, Oracle, Agresso and other ERP systems are connected to the IBX Business Network using different interfaces for catalogue and business document exchange.

IBX Supplier Order Management

Each supplier receiving orders via the IBX Business Network is provided with an account in the IBX Business Network which allows the user to view and print orders, configure notification schemes and to create order responses and invoices back to the buyers' back-ends.
Additional methods for receiving and sending these documents are available, but regardless in which format and way they are received or submitted a copy of each document is always present in IBX Supplier Order Management (SOM).

IBX Supplier Integration

For seamless integrations between buyers and suppliers from end to end IBX Connect provides various interfaces with transformation between different XML and EDI flatfile formats, schema and business rules validation plus an advanced error handling. Widely used integration standards are supported either out-of the box or on demand when required for a particular project.
Interoperability agreements with other service providers or cloud based integration solutions are allowing further to keep the effort low on customer side to establish integrations with short lead times.

IBX Mail Order Response

Receiving an order via email and responding with just two clicks from your smartphone or desktop PC - IBX Mail Order Response is a simple web interface to create an order response back to your customer. The order response document includes all the original details or the purchase order plus an optional free-text note. This way supplier users in the field can quickly confirm or reject an order. For more advanced order response documents IBX Supplier Order Management is the choice.