IBX xCBL 3.5 GoodsReceipt specification

IBX customers generate GoodsReceipts for purchase orders in IBX eProcurement. GoodsReceipt documents are routed as XML files via the IBX Connect platform to the customers backend system. IBX Connect's canonical format is based on xCBL 3.5. The best way to describe IBX' canonical GoodsReceipt format is with help of an XML schema definition (XSD) file. This is both available for download and documented in detail below.

IBX xCBL 3.5 GoodsReceipt

IBX` canonical GoodsReceipt format is a slightly modified version of the standard xCBL 3.5 GoodsReceipt reflecting common Procure-To-Pay services provided by the IBX Business Network. Not all xCBL elements are supported and some originally optional fields are mandatory. Customer specific content and hence usage of particular fields can occur depending on the customer's setup and needs.