IBX UBL 2.1 Order specification

IBX customers generate purchase orders using IBX eProcurement, IBX eOrder or any other eProcurement solution connected to the IBX Business Network. Orders are routed as XML files via the IBX Connect platform to reach suppliers in various formats. Described here are orders in the UBL 2.1 format which is e.g. used as the XML standard for the Norwegian EHF Order format. XML schemas and examples are both available for download and documented in detail below.

IBX UBL 2.1 Order

Suppliers connected to the IBX Business Network can receive purchase orders from their customers in the UBL 2.1 format. For the usage within the public sector of Norway orders with both buyer and supplier located in Norway these XML documents will be validated against the Norwegian EHF standard before they are submitted to suppliers. Orders from IBX Business Network customers can also be routed to suppliers being part of other networks or hosted by other providers. The UBL Order is the standard order format used within the PEPPOL infrastructure. Other available channels for the delivery of these messages are synchronous HTTP integration, asynchronous FTP polling, X.400 and SMTP (email). See more details here: Protocols